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Tanisha Castellanos is a woman who gives strength and inspires others through her own unique story. Castellanos is a well-known speaker, published author, accomplished musician, licensed Psychotherapist and Resiliency coach. For over 20 years, she has helped individuals and their families win the battle against mental health.   Tanisha has a adverturous spirit, and is curious in nature of others way of life. Castellanos has traveled to many places in the world, including Africa, Peru, and Honduras. These experiences have given her the ability to work with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and various cultures.   Tanisha’s passion comes deep within, overcoming her obstacles as a child, to want to have a direct impact on youth in the judicial system. During her graduate school years, she was responsible for treatment and contracts for youth in non-secure detention centers, secure detention, and in the foster care system. She developed an age-specific Anger Management program that she lead and taught with youth in these programs, and later trained staff to facilitate these programs. Her work later expanded to not only developing psycho-educational programs for youth, but for staff as well. Her work has expanded to crisis interventions with diverse populations who are experiencing mental health crisis. Populations such as those in the field of criminal justice, first responders, business professionals, and public figures. Tanisha’s experience of working with diverse populations as well as her overcoming her own struggles led to her starting her own company, Castellanos Coaching and Consulting LLC. As a consultant and coach, Tanisha helps professionals discover their own strengths and God-given talents through self development. She is a frequent guests on several podcasts as well as a popular requested moderator and empowerment speaker. Tanisha completed her Bachelor’s degree at Roberts-Wesleyan College and youth development, and a Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Adelphi University . She currently practices as a LCSW in psychotherapy. She currently resides in The Hudson Valley, New York where she continues to provide therapy and resilience coaching in the areas of mental health.

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