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TC Therapy LLC provides psychodynamic therapy to individuals who are in need of help and support through various therapeutic interventions.

I can be found on: Psychology Today.


Supports Successful Professionals who struggle with feeling Overly Stressed and Overwhelmed to Take Control of their schedule through Time Management, Increase their Self Care routines to operate at their Full Potential, and Discover their Hidden Strengths to Increase their Resiliency to Tackle any Barrier that comes their way!

How is this Accomplished?


  • Step 1: Identify the Intention: Become more Intuitive with Yourself and Your Surroundings

  • Step 2: Focus on your Zone of Genius: Build on your Strengths and Maximize Your Potential

  • Step 3: Design and Implement: Create a Personal and Detailed Plan to Maximize Your Impact




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Consultations are on a as needed and requested basis. This usually occurs when a person is seeking what package they would like to purchase and/or what their specific needs are. Consultations are approximately 60 minutes.

Coaching Package

New Packages Coming Soon